Monday, October 24, 2005


Had an interesting demo of ICEfaces at the ICEsoft offices the other day. I'm building a next generation web application with JSF - ICEfaces brings us into the world of AJAX and dynamic page rendering with its enabling technology. I'm hoping for more components to show off the dynamic nature of the framework, and may well end up writing some myself.

Unfortunately for ICEsoft, the JSF landscape is rapidly changing with the popularity of MyFaces and Facelets, and with Shale and Clay on the horizon, but they're doing a grand job of keeping up and already have MyFaces support and are madly working on Facelets integration.

The folks at ICEsoft have had some good exposure recently when they presented their technology at JavaOne, and they have some interesting demos on their site, with more to come. I look forward to their presentation at the Calgary Java User Group (CJUG) next month.

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Anonymous said...

ICEsoft is about to release the 1.0.1 version of ICEfaces Community edition.
It is free and available for download at