Sunday, July 23, 2006

Cambrian House gains momentum

Cambrian House is getting attention in the Web world at the moment.
There are now over 1000 ideas posted (the validity of their potential as original ideas that fit the CrowdSourcing model is yet to be determined), but what it does represent is that the site is getting attention.

The jury is out on whether the IdeaWarz concept is actually putting the best ideas to the top of the Leaderboard. (That is: most viable for the Cambrian House model to implement and turn a profit.)
I think it's clear from going through them that some ideas are just not feasible, while others are not original, others very vague and some just irrelevant.
A better rating system is definitely required, although at the moment I think it's all about creating awareness and traffic, not creating profitable ideas.

I think that to keep the momentum going Cambrian House needs to show some real progress on some ideas to prove the participation in the CrowdSourcing concept is more than just passing curiosity - and ultimately pay out some real rewards for a successful project implemented.

Anyway, in the meantime, I've put my ideas on the right for you to click on and support at your whim. --->

Friday, July 14, 2006

Cambrian House

Cambrian House is a new website that promotes good ideas and turns them into products that can be distributed across the internet.

There are several stages in the evolution of an idea, the first being getting the idea promoted so that it ranks high on the leaderboard.

So here are my ideas currently in the running - please click each of the links below to get my ideas promoted

IMPORTANT: and then click "Yes, Please add my support to this idea!" on the Cambrian House website.

Thx a bunch!

Support 'Chess Card Game' at Cambrian House Check - The Chess Card Game

Support 'DireLogz' at Cambrian House DireLogz

Support 'Online Slideshow Creator' at Cambrian House Online Slideshow Creator

Support 'Ultimate JSF Component Set' at Cambrian House Ultimate JSF Component Set

Support MCE DVCR Scheduler at Cambrian House Windows Media Center Edition Digital VCR Web Scheduler

Support 'Board Game Incubator' at Cambrian House Crowdsourced Board Game Incubator

And while you're there, why not add an idea of your own? It's fun!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Melissa O'Neil

I had a great evening taking my daughter to the Calgary Stampede yesterday evening.
The Stampede was not really on the radar this year. It becomes a bit same ol' same ol' after a couple of years.
But this year we had a winner from Calgary on Canadian Idol who has caught my 10 year old daughter's attention: Melissa O'Neil. I have been impressed by the material she has been given for her first album as it has been played around the house this year. Melissa was featured in a live gig at the Stampede this summer and it worked out that I got to take my daughter along with a friend and his daughter.
I got there first from work and noticed that Melissa had come out to sign autographs. I asked Melissa to sign it to my daughter and had a pleasant little chat with her.
About half an hour later my daughter arrived and fortunately Melissa was still out meeting and greeting. The thing that impressed me most was that she remembered my daughter's name from before and even how to spell it. Of course, that made my daughter's day!
Melissa was supported by Rex Goudie, the runner-up in Canadian Idol. Rex was good enough, and when Melissa came on (at 11pm) she was awesome. We were told it was her 18th birthday. It was obviously an emotional evening for her, and her performance was awesome. She's up there with Kelly Clarkson (who I'm not too keen on). I somehow don't think she'll get the same exposure on the international stage, but she certainly deserves it.

(Some) Pop is becoming interesting again...

Like many people, I have become disgruntled with the manufactured pop industry for a while now. I'm sure that the executives and the industry haven't changed that much, but I am noticing some new talent bubbling up.
The first band to really catch my attention recently was Coldplay. I had one of their albums, "A Rush of Blood to the Head" and liked certain aspects of it, but found aspects of it somewhat melancholy. So I held off buying "X&Y" until my wife asked me what I wanted for Christmas.
Turned out to be one of those rare classic albums. Like Joshua Tree. And Brothers In Arms.
Coldplay are now on the A-list.

The other artist that has recently caught my attention is Natasha Beddingfield from the UK. I guess that she's classed as R&B/Soul, although most of the things that I usually disdain about that style are mellowed in Natasha's world to a digestable level. There is a track in the middle of the album, 'Drop Me In The Middle', with a guest rapper which I wouldn't usually give a second listen. However, the hook is so addictive the rap is at first acceptable, and on a few listens actually enhances the track. (The rap is better for it's British accent and poetic style.)
And this is what makes the album, 'Unwritten', stand up for me: the lyrics in the songs are thoughtful and poetic, sung with Natasha's uniquely raspy, soulful voice; the melodies are catchy, often syncopative, without being formulaic. There is not a bad track on the album. And they are Natasha's own. This girl has groove!
Natasha is British R&B's answer to Country's Shania. And judging by the way she is now getting wide exposure in the US & Canada, I think she'll be just as enormous.