Friday, November 25, 2005

Howard Jones - Revolution of the Heart

Howard Jones is my favourite music artist. He makes us wait for his new stuff, but when it comes it doesn't disappoint. You can't rush art.

His new CD came out recently and is available from Howard's DTOX webstore,
Revolution of the Heart (Limited Edition)
and from
Revolution of the Heart

This album is a back to the roots rich electronic production with thumping beats and filled with Howard's signature catchy uplifting melodies. It doesn't feel formulaic, however. As I have come to expect from Howard, the lyrics are thought-provoking and topical. This is not shallow lovey-dovey manufactured pop.
It's fresh and smart with a lot going on in the production department to keep it interesting on subsequent listenings. It's definitely a grower, and you'll find yourself singing the tunez long after you've left the house.

There is not a bad track on the album, and it's obvious that Howard and his co-producer Robbie Bronniman have put their heart and soul into every aspect.

"Celebrate Our Love" is a strong intro track. I also much like the first single, "Just Look At You Now", the title track "Revolution of the Heart", and especially "Stir It Up", which I think would make a great single if Howard manages to get back in the limelight with this one.
The album doesn't slow down and you are left with the strong driving beat of "For You, See Me" ringing in your ears and a voice inside you saying "That was great - let's do that again", as you almost subconsciously reach for the Play button to restart the experience.

I got hold of the limited edition Australian release which has a bonus CD containing dubs and remixes. Of the new tracks, the John B Drum and Bass mix of "For You See Me" is the only ROTH track that I really prefer to listen to over the album version. It is extremely catchy and danceable and actually enhances the album track. The remixes are meant to be danced to, and are probably great for that, but are a bit repetitive when they are just passively listened to. We have more than just remixes of new tracks. We have some new takes on classics like "Things Can Only Get Better" and "What Is Love". The other highlight of this disc, is the remake of "Like to Get to Know You Well" by The Young Punx called "Slip Away" which they released under the name "Mohito".
This is a great new angle of a classic song in the vein of many other similar tracks which are reviving the dance clubs with a fresh rejuvenation of classic 80's tracks.

The Australian release can be found here:
Revolution of the Heart [Import]

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