Wednesday, April 12, 2006

SWING Links from the CJUG presentation

Here are some links discussed in the "SWING Goodies Not Found in the JDK" presentation:

FlexDock Open source docking framework

TableLayout - alternative to GridBag layout

Official SWING links on
JFC/Swing Home Page
The SWING connection
SWING Sightings - Lots of real SWING apps to peruse

SwingX - SWING Extensions project (sub-project of SwingLabs)

SwingLabs Open Source project

Spring Rich Client Project - First stable release v0.1.0 just released!


JIDE Commercial Docking framework - Repository of SWING enhancements, such as look & feels

Napkin Look & Feel

Vector based (Flash-like) SWING Look & Feel:

IconCraft - Programmer's Icon Editor (Limited Shareware)

Romain Guy's Weblogs - Developer on Sun's SWING team:



Guy Davis said...

Hi, good talk this evening. I thought I'd mention Foxtrot ( which is an interesting alternative to SwingWorker. Our current app uses both but there are places where foxtrot seems to fit better.

Our app is an MDI one based on JDesktopPane which was really ugly in its window minimize/maximize behavior. I cobbled together various bloggers code to create a passable JTaskbar ( and a Windows menu item that does a decent of making MDI usable.

However, each of our main MDI windows (6 or 7 currently) is a mix of split panes and tabbed panes. I'll definitely have to give Flexdock a look to see if it can improve our layouts on JInternalFrames.

Red-3 said...

Hey thanks for the comments Guy.
There are a lot of good bits out there. Let's hope SwingX does a good job of pulling the best bits together into a coherent framework that can be somewhat standardized.