Friday, July 14, 2006

Cambrian House

Cambrian House is a new website that promotes good ideas and turns them into products that can be distributed across the internet.

There are several stages in the evolution of an idea, the first being getting the idea promoted so that it ranks high on the leaderboard.

So here are my ideas currently in the running - please click each of the links below to get my ideas promoted

IMPORTANT: and then click "Yes, Please add my support to this idea!" on the Cambrian House website.

Thx a bunch!

Support 'Chess Card Game' at Cambrian House Check - The Chess Card Game

Support 'DireLogz' at Cambrian House DireLogz

Support 'Online Slideshow Creator' at Cambrian House Online Slideshow Creator

Support 'Ultimate JSF Component Set' at Cambrian House Ultimate JSF Component Set

Support MCE DVCR Scheduler at Cambrian House Windows Media Center Edition Digital VCR Web Scheduler

Support 'Board Game Incubator' at Cambrian House Crowdsourced Board Game Incubator

And while you're there, why not add an idea of your own? It's fun!


Garethf said...

hey Red-3 - thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Small world isn't it. How quickly someone can find another on the basis of three things (adelaide, cambrian and coldplay). Good luck with the ideas. I have gone in and voted for them!

Cambrian is an exciting project for sure. I am really interested in to see how it works out

Brian Luft said...

Howdy Red,

Thank you for leaving feedback on my idea! You hated it lol!
No worries, but I wish you would have left some constructive feedback. I did post a link to an external site - which is not my site - so that people who were unfamiliar with the framework would be able to see what it was.
Most curious was your comment:
"Please stop advertizing your website through ideawarz." Followed by your signature, blatantly promoting your website:
"Help my ideas:"
Best of luck with your ideas!