Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Ah... facelets

Well, thanks to a comment on one of my posts, I've now been reminded to blog again.
The No-Fluff Java Symposium is coming around again, and I have what? Four posts to my name?

Since last year, I have worked with JSF somewhat and have had pretty good success with it.
There are some really annoying things about using it with JSPs, especially if you just want to stuff some HTML markup into the mix.
In some cases (usually when inside another JSF parent component - pretty much a given when using Tiles) the HTML gets rendered by the JSP container ahead of the JSF tags - and that's definitely not what I ordered!

Enter facelets, a great new templating system for JSF which completely removes the JSP engine out of the picture. You can define a standard HTML page and plug it into your page template, Tapestry-style (no need for Tiles) and have it rendered perfectly, with no need to restart the web server.

Now that's much better. :)

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