Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Looking for a culprit: facelets or MyFaces?

I guess this is what you get when you start playing with new technology before the paint's dry.
I have a system using JSP & Sun's JSF RI.

So now I decide that I can't live with this combo any more, and so I decide to change to Facelets and Apache MyFaces.

Every thing is going along swimmingly until I actually put a complex JSF component into the mix. This is the Newspaper Table from the MyFaces Tomahawk suite.
Now this was working just fine in a previous setup, but the new config of the system under MyFaces in the facelets view template doesn't recognise (or can't resolve) an instance variable in the component.

What to do? Well can I find anything on this issue? Google turns up virtually nothing.

Is it MyFaces? (I'm sure it's MyFaces creating the error, but this is a MyFaces JSF control. So I try a standard DataTable - no problems there, and the Newspaper Table is supposed to be derived from the DataTable.)
Or facelets? (Maybe facelets isn't initializing the component properly?)
(Or an unhappy combo of the two?)

No chance. Stumped. Time to work around again... :(

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